Eilers-Fantini report casts light on Canadian online casino market

Report highlights top slot titles and suppliers

For those unaware of the regular reports from Eilers & Krejcik Gaming and Fantini Research, the two groups aggregate slot and casino game performance across the industry.

The group’s reports on the U.S. market are highly valued and most major operators take part. With that in mind, the group is trying to build similar momentum for Canada.

In its initial report, the Eilers-Fantini research looked at seven online gaming sites with 7,500 game themes and more than 8,200 games across three different provinces.

“While our coverage is currently not near that of our U.S. Report, 7 Casino Sites compared to 33 Casino Sites we feel that the timing of the report, diversity of Operators, and number of data points are sufficient to publish. Repot minimums at the game level remain strict to ensure the accuracy of top-performing titles, the Supplier and new game level analysis provide strong insights for Operators, Suppliers and Investors,” the report began.

Using the data available to them, Eilers-Fantini research drew some interesting conclusions about the state of the market so far, which shares some characteristics with the U.S. market but has some unique traits as well.

Namely, the top slot titles differ precipitously from the U.S.

The highest-ranked Canadian title was Pragmatic Play’s Gates of Olympus followed by IGT’s Cash Eruption. Despite these titles only being available in four and five of the respective seven titles audited, they outperformed Light & Wonder’s Jin Ji Bao Xi Endless Treasure, which was available on every site.

Cash Eruption and Jin JI Bao Xi Endless Treasure are also popular in the states, ranking third and ten respectively.

Pragmatic Play is the studio with the biggest share of gross gaming revenue at 18.6% on the strength of its slots and live casino performance. The other live casino provider, Evolution, was second with 16.1% of GGR. IGT and Light and Wonder rounded out the top four.

The operators cover a mix of provincial lottery operators and Ontario free-market operators, giving a broad glimpse at gaming across the country.

If interested in learning more, subscribing, or participating in the Eilers-Fantini Online Game Performance Database reach out to Rick Eckert at [email protected].

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