Casino de Montréal launches AR experience powered by Moment Factory

The Loto-Québec licensed Casino de Montréal has opened the ARcade, an AR experience powered by Moment Factory, a multimedia entertainment studio. The ARcade features players moving through an interactive space using multimedia and video game technology.

“With this concept created in our Montreal studio and presented to the public for the first time, we offer a new way to have fun and create human connections through multimedia and innovation. With ARcade, Casino de Montréal’s visitors can engage in a playful and interactive competition where they use their bodies to control the game,” said Moment Factor General Manager of Signature Ticketed Experiences Jonathan St-Onge.

Two play areas have been installed in the casino, which is based in the Pavillon du Québec, with each area supporting a minimum of four players. There is a choice of six games available, and players can adjust the difficulty level to whatever they feel is suitable, with a choice to play for either 30 minutes or an hour. While players will be left to their own devices to play, a team of hosts is on hand for any questions or issues.

“We’re very proud to welcome Moment Factory at Casino de Montréal, a one-of-a-kind place in the city. ARcade gives our customers a chance to enjoy a different form of entertainment, in addition to our shows—whether free or in the performance hall—and our restaurants. The activity is original and perfect for groups looking for a fun time unlike any other,” added Loto-Québec Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Casinos and Gaming Halls Kevin Taylor.

While the ARcade is the most significant change to the casino space, plenty more changes happened while the gaming experience was installed. In fact, the whole first level of the Pavillon du Québec was redesigned with some further additions. These include 20 more games to play and a bar. There is also a food menu that has been specifically tailored to match the space.

There is also space for a DJ to perform a few times a week. The aim was to create an entertainment space without games of chance that can be enjoyed alongside the traditional casino offering.

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