CGA launches new initiative on player protection and health

Commitment and Strategy to Promote Player Health and Wellbeing debuts Dec. 5

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is not the only group putting tremendous thought and taking tremendous care with player protection.

The Canadian Gaming Association is taking the initiative and launching a new program called the CGA Commitment and Strategy to Promote Player Health and Wellbeing. The effort aims to produce responsible gambling guiding principles for the association. The group will also promulgate an advertising and marketing code of conduct.

Part of that process includes involving Ad Standards Canada, which will help CGA develop the advertising code. The group is a non-profit group that has spent more than 60 years self-regulating advertisements in the country to ensure fair and honest practices in the industry.

Dec. 5, the CGA will host a day-long event at the offices of the accounting firm MNP in downtown Toronto. The day will include the following:

  • A workshop led by the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) to develop guidelines around RG
  • A presentation from IPSOS on new research
  • Meeting with Ad Standards Canada to outline the road map to creating advertising standards

In addition to members, the Dec. 5 event will also include broadcasters, regulators, the Crown corporations, and responsible gambling advocacy groups such as the RGC.

On Dec. 6, CGA will hold a workshop on navigating Canada’s regulatory landscape followed by the CGA’s annual meeting.

Those interested in attending can register here.

The efforts come on the heels of CGA members and President and CEO Paul Burns meeting with the AGCO to discuss the proposed advertising regulations for Ontario.

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