Rivalry adds slots category on Casino.exe, Ontario on standby

The slots category will go live in the Canadian province 'in the coming weeks'

Rivalry has confirmed an expansion to its casino offering with the introduction of a custom-branded slots category on Casino.exe.

The interactive casino platform now features more than two dozen slot-style games to add to the Toronto-based firm’s casino offering, which generated $57.5m in betting handle in Q2 2023.

“Rivalry’s entry into the casino segment last year has quickly grown into a meaningful source of player activity and revenue,” said Steven Salz, Co-Founder and CEO, Rivalry.

Rivalry Slots features its own custom-branded page within Casino.exe, leaning into what the company describes as “early-2000’s internet design” to present games to users in a “unique and relevant visual environment”.

The slots page includes several interactive elements and Easter eggs intended to surprise users as well as differentiate Rivalry’s overarching product suite by weaving entertainment into the betting experience.

“Our product philosophy is at its core about creating fundamentally entertaining experiences,” said David King, Director of Product Design at Rivalry.

“Rivalry Slots delivers that entertainment factor by wrapping an ordinary product in design nostalgia to not only be relevant to a young Millennial or Gen Z customer, but also strategically differentiate our offering from the countless other online casinos players have to choose from.”

According to Rivalry, the addition of slots will “support greater capture and retention of the igaming audience”, which is estimated to be approximately 14% larger than online sports betting on a global basis.

Rivalry’s slots category is available today in most of its international markets and will be released in Ontario “in the coming weeks”.

“Slots are far-and-away one of the most popular online casino genres and will markedly complement our existing igaming offering in terms of both betting handle and player satisfaction,” Salz added.

“We’ve also maintained our high product standard by uniquely incorporating slots into our proprietary Casino.exe platform, which will allow us to continue scaling our igaming catalog without compromising the premium experiences that users come to Rivalry for.”

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