David Mann: Swintt expects Ontario license in ‘next couple of months’

The igaming provider wants to make Canada its first home in North America

Swintt is prioritizing the province of Ontario as the igaming provider prepares to make its first foray in the North American market this year, according to CEO David Mann.

The Malta-based firm has its roots firmly in Europe but is now pivoting for global expansion, with the US firmly on its agenda.

However, before heading for the States, Swintt is aiming to make its North American debut in Canada, with activities already underway to try and achieve that goal this year.

Speaking to CasinoBeats at last month’s Canadian Gaming Summit in Toronto, Mann explained: “We’re going through the licensing process for our Ontario licence at the moment, and we expect to have this in the next couple of months. One of the reasons that we’re interested in Ontario is because it marks our first step into the regulated North American markets.

“Of course, we do have ambitions to enter the US at some point, but we’re starting with Canada. We’re very confident that this is going to be a very exciting market for us.

“A lot of our operator partners are already live in Ontario, so we’re looking forward to being able to launch our games in this province and see our games go live. We’ve got a variety of content from across our portfolio – plenty that we at Swintt have developed as well as games from third parties. That’ll mean that Canadian players will benefit from a wide array of content.”

Translating success from one continent to another can be difficult but, as Mann underlined, the journey can be made much easier by tailoring content to individual audiences.

He said: “Since formation, one of our strategies has been to try and offer relevant content for relevant markets. I think the greatest success example that we’ve had with this was with a German land-based company where we distribute their land-based style games.

“We distribute their games not only in Germany but also across the Netherlands and other Eastern European countries where we have seen players show a preference for this type of content.

“The biggest learning to take is to really try to tailor the right content to the right market. In Ontario, we will use this approach – we will look at the games that we have which we believe may appeal to Canadian players, and will also try to source additional games that we think Ontario bettors will enjoy.”

Key to providing Swintt’s bespoke content to audiences in North America – specifically Canada and the US – will be its content aggregation platform SwinttStudios, which will enable smaller studio partners to roll out its content, market new games using the firm’s promotional tools and enter into new markets.

As Mann explained, the aim of SwinttStudios platform is simple – to provide players with a wider variety of content, and therefore an elevated gameplay experience.

“We know that there is a lot of content already available. But we’re trying to cut through the noise and tell our partners ‘look, we have this studio that is producing these games that are relevant for you’.

“We don’t want to provide our partners with games that don’t fit with their audience, there’s no time to do that. We’re not trying to put a square peg in a round hole to try and get the right content that works for operators.”

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