Christoffer Ødegården, Bojoko: the key to understanding Canadian players

Bojoko's Christoffer Ødegården outlines the intricacies of understanding Canadian bettors

Christoffer Ødegården, the Head of the Casino at the award-winning affiliate Bojoko, dives into understanding the desires of Canadian players and explores how gaming businesses can effectively meet their needs.

CGB: What advice would you give to gaming businesses looking to cater to the needs of Canadian players?

: Stand out! A very quick, but costly way to do so is offering free spins or generous welcome bonuses, and these are sure-fire ways to gain new players. However, there are many cheaper alternatives that are still very effective. 

My advice is to look to the player groups that most of your competitors are not catering for, and the most obvious example here are players who use niche payment methods. If a casino does not offer a player’s preferred payment method they are likely to just not sign up and instead search for those who do. 

Adding niche payment methods means that players will be actively searching for your brand. Even better, these players will likely be ready to make a deposit.

CGB: Can you provide some examples of these alternative payment methods and their advantages?

: Certainly. One example is the option of payments via echeck. While less commonly used than traditional methods, echeck payments have gained popularity among certain player segments. We have observed a constant flow of traffic on our comparison page for casinos that accept echeck, and a similar trend on pages dedicated to other niche payment methods. PaybyPhone is another popular solution most Canadian casinos do not include in their selection of payment methods. This is a big mistake, as despite the smaller number of players using echeck, PaybyPhone and other smaller payment methods, there is still a notable userbase. Do not lose our on catering to these users.

CGB: Could you elaborate on the significance of payment options and how they contribute to attracting new players?

: Certainly. The availability of a variety of payment options is crucial for attracting and retaining players in the Canadian market. By offering a broad range of payment methods, gaming businesses can cater to different player preferences and provide a seamless user experience. When players find their preferred payment option available, it enhances their sense of trust and convenience, ultimately leading to higher player engagement and loyalty.

CGB: Would you say that increasing the number of payment options is an effective strategy for securing new players?

: Absolutely. Offering a wider selection of payment options is an excellent strategy for attracting new players. By expanding beyond the standard payment methods, gaming businesses open themselves up to a larger pool of potential players. Some players may be specifically seeking alternative payment methods that align with their preferences, and by accommodating these options, operators can stand out from the competition.

Embracing smaller or niche payment methods can also offer a competitive edge. By catering to specific player segments and their preferred payment options, operators can differentiate themselves in the market. With less competition in this space, operators can capture the attention of players who actively seek out these alternative payment methods, thereby increasing their chances of acquiring and retaining a loyal player base.

CGB: What are some additional strategies to attract Canadian players to an online gaming platform?

: When it comes to attracting Canadian players, it’s important to consider a few key factors. Firstly, offering a low minimum deposit requirement can appeal to players with varying budgets, making it more accessible for them to start playing. Secondly, low wagering requirements, it is another way to get your bonus offers to stand out. Third, as mentioned earlier, you cannot go wrong with higher bonus percentages or free spins, though they can be a costly affair.

Of course, having a diverse and high-quality game selection and user-friendly site is also important. Moreover, Canadian players value transparency, fairness, and security in their gaming encounters. Ensuring these aspects are prioritized and implemented effectively can build trust and attract Canadian players to the platform. 

By combining these strategies and meeting the expectations of Canadian players, online gaming platforms can increase their appeal and attract a larger Canadian player base.

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