Gateway casinos in Ontario set for phased reopening following cyber attack

Gateway sites in the province have been shut since Apr. 16

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment expects some of its casinos in Ontario to reopen this week following the recent cyber attack on its systems.

The Canadian gaming and entertainment operator was forced to close all 14 of its Ontario sites on Apr. 16 after a ‘system-wide malfunction’ struck.

But with tests currently being conducted on its equipment, Gateway is looking to implement a phased approach to reopening its sites in the province this week, and if successful, more facilities will reopen until all affected casinos have resumed normal service.

A potentially serious outcome of these events, though, could be the impact on Gateway customers.

The operator has maintained throughout that there has been no evidence to suggest customers’ personal data has been compromised.

However, tech expert Carmi Levy has expressed concern that a breach may well have occurred.

Levy told CTV News: “The biggest fear in any ransomware attack is that personal data has been compromised, and unfortunately that is a very likely outcome in all cases, as well as this case in particular.

“They simply don’t know at this point.”

The rest of Gateway’s casino sites – situated across British Columbia and Alberta – have remained unaffected by the issues in Ontario.

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