GBG secures Ontario operator first via Equifax & TransUnion agreement

Global digital identity and fraud solutions specialist GBG is set to become the first firm in Ontario to give operators access to Equifax and TransUnion, two of Canada’s major credit bureaus.

GBG works with many global gaming operators and counts just over 60% of operators in the Ontario market as customers, delivering different solutions and software to help verify player identities, streamline client onboarding and deliver compliance.

As first reported by Gaming News Canada last week, GBG will be first to provide online casino companies with access to two of Canada’s main credit bureaus, enabling operators to avoid verifying a player’s identity document at the point of onboarding, which will help to improve the customer experience.

Rebekah Jackson, Director of Gaming for GBG, commented: “We are excited to extend our data coverage in Ontario; with direct access to two of the main credit bureaus in Canada our clients can increase their player match rates, ensure the best possible service uptime and onboard more first-time players.

“By layering traditional data with alternative data sources, such as GBG’s email and mobile intelligence, igaming firms can also prevent pervasive frauds such as bonus abuse when onboarding players in Canada.

“Ontario is a key jurisdiction within our core market strategy, and we’re passionate about playing a major role to help operators win in these growing global markets with the best technology and data available.”

GBG launched its solution into Ontario ahead of its licence going live last April, helping to familiarise the firm with the market.

The Canadian province has been a “big part” of the company’s market strategy, and it is keeping tabs on developments in other areas.

Speaking on the latest edition of the Gaming News Canada Show, Jackson also delved deeper into the significance of this latest agreement.

“Typically, businesses will access that one data source to verify their customer; what that means is if you don’t have a footprint with one credit bureau, and you’re using one of them and not the other one, it makes it really difficult for a player to come onboard with an operator via that seamless Fintrac check.

“We’ve been able to contract directly both bureaus to give our operators access to the best data in the market.

“We are helping operators to maximize their player acquisition rate, increase their match rates and obviously onboard more customers for the first time.

“It’s not just that check at the start that happens, there is ongoing monitoring of players that happens, there’s different fraud solutions out there that we’re helping operators in Canada with to pick up these bonus abusers and really make sure that they’re being protected from any bots or anyone wanting to conduct foul play on these gaming sites.”

Jackson was also effusive in her praise for the regulation of the Ontario market.

“It’s been a breath of fresh air to work and see some regulation that is quite prescriptive in the checks that the regulator wants to see. It makes it quite easy for operators to know what’s needed for that onboarding, whereas we don’t see that in every market around the world, so it’s been really, really exciting and nice to enter the market and be part of it.

“They’ve adopted a model which, from the outset, protects the player.”

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