Real Luck Group unveils ‘transformational’ new B2B product plan as revenue up 110% in Jan

Real Luck Group and its B2C betting subsidiary Luckbox have continued their upward trajectory with another record-breaking financial month in January.

Last month saw the Calgary-based company grow its revenue by 110% over December, which had also achieved a monthly revenue growth rate of 120% from November.

The group closed the fourth quarter with $3m global betting handle, but generated over half of that ($1.6m) in January alone to exceed its own expectations.

Furthermore, its total first time depositing players grew by 182% since December, and its registered player base now exceeds 250,000 after six months of focus on player acquisition.

“This strong month-to-month growth was expected, and is simply a result of the collective experience that our team has acquired from driving growth at prior companies,” said Thomas Rosander, Real Luck Group CEO.

“We are currently only harnessing about a quarter of the player acquisition channels we have at our disposal, and are confident about our growth trajectory and ability to continue delivering favorable results.”

In January, Real Luck Group announced that a ‘game-changing’ new B2B product – with “huge potential in a new vertical” – was in the works.

“The company is building a proprietary technology stack which we believe will be transformational for our industry,” it added in reflection of January’s results. “This product is an ultrafast, live micro-betting platform that we believe will allow us to increase revenue growth and margins from our B2C operations. It also positions us to expand into the lucrative B2B market with unique and proprietary products.

“We expect to provide more details on this new initiative in the coming weeks and months.”

Additionally, Real Luck Group will direct efforts on boosting player value, using total player deposits and global betting handle as key performance measurables.

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