Kings Entertainment launches brand awareness campaign with Native Ads

Kings Entertainment has joined forces with Native Ads on a new digital marketing campaign to increase awareness of the Kings brand.

As part of the collaboration, Native Ads will employ ‘state-of-the-art’ digital advertising, paid distribution, media buying and content creation.

Kings, which listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange in January, is intent on building its brand familiarity within online investor content platforms.

“We’re excited to work with this international leader in digital marketing,” said Steve Budin, CEO of Kings Entertainment.

“Our strategy is to leverage the current excitement and growth that we’re achieving with our market-leading brands and accelerate this even further with a comprehensive digital campaign.

“The timing couldn’t be better.”

The programmatic digital advertising campaign is planned to run for up to 12 months or until ‘budget exhaustion’ – approximately $200,000 – with Kings retaining the option to extend both the campaign’s duration and budget.

Services provided pursuant to the agreement will include media placements and distribution and strategic services, including content creation, web development, advertising creative development, search engine optimization and strategic digital advertising consulting.

The campaign will commence in Q4 of 2022, with exact timelines to be agreed upon by the Kings and Native Ads.

Meanwhile, Kings Entertainment shareholders recently gave their support for the company’s proposed merger with Sports Venture Holdings, the parent company of the Bet99 sportsbook brand.

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