OLG begins hunt for new lottery tech provider

Crown corporation opens RFP process

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) is looking for a new technology partner for its lottery systems.

The OLG formally opened a Request for Proposal (RFP) on May 31 to begin the process of searching for a new platform provider to replace what it calls “aging, back-end” lottery technology systems. The RFP specifically concerns the OLG’s Core Lottery Engines and certain related goods and services.

The crown corporation said in the RFP summary that it is seeking “the most competent and capable provider” to overhaul its lottery tech. The proposed contract runs for five years and there would be five renewal options at three years each.

The RFP closes on July 5.

The OLG said in a news release that implementing a new lottery platform will allow OLG to capitalize on emerging technological trends and offer market-leading products and experiences. In particular, it hopes its new partner will foster greater innovation, allow it to be faster to market with new products and services and keep its lottery players engaged and using its platform.

It added that the technological revamp with the to-be-decided partner will allow its lottery offering to keep pace with evolving customer expectations in Ontario’s saturated gaming market.

OLG has engaged the oversight services of a Fairness Monitor during the RFP process to support integrity and fairness. The crown corporation says there will be no immediate impact to its services and offerings while it assesses its technological options.

OLG introduces Group Play feature

The OLG has made some changes to its lottery offerings in recent weeks, notably introducing a new Group Play feature that makes it easier to play the lottery with others.

Available on OLG.ca and the OLG app, the feature allows players to form online groups that can purchase lottery tickets together and track prizes electronically. Nominated captains of groups can build group packs of tickets and group members can choose to purchase the pack.

OLG Vice President, iCasino & iLottery Andrew Darley said at the time of that announcement that Group Play “is one way OLG is adapting our products and services to meet the changing preferences of Ontarians.”

Now, with this RFP, the corporation hopes it will soon be able to provide a modernized lottery solution to help it keep pace with the province’s ever-evolving online gaming industry.

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