Caesars Windsor donates $10,000 to local children’s centre

Caesars Windsor has donated $10,000 to the John McGivney Children’s Centre (JMCC) in Windsor, Ontario. The funds will primarily be used for translation services in over 26 languages, which cover all the services available through JMCC.  

The donation comes from the Caesars Windsor corporate giving program, known as Caesars Windsor Cares. Since 2002, Caesars Windsor Cares has donated more than $76,000 to various projects and programs. 

Susanne Tomkins, Caesars Windsor’s Manager of Public Relations & Communications said: “With our rich, diverse, cultural community, it is our honour to donate to a program supporting families at the John McGivney Centre. This program aligns with our own principles in creating a diverse and welcoming environment for all.”

Speaking about the importance of the translation services Caesars Windsor Cares is supporting, Jennifer Jovanovski, CEO of JMCC, said: “Translation services are critical to our work as we strive to enrich the lives of children and youth with special needs by helping them reach their full potential.”

According to Jovanovski, the demand for translation services has increased over the past five years. There was a 1322.67% increase in visits requiring these services from 2019 to 2022, with 75 visits compared to 1,067. Jovanovski also noted how the cost of running these translations has increased by 562.87% from $6,658 to $44,134.  

Jovanovski commented on the contributions of Caesars Windsor Cares: “We are extremely grateful for this donation, and for Caesars Windsor Cares for believing in the work we do at the John McGivney Children’s Centre over the years.”

Last month, Caesars Windsor hit headlines when OLG announced it would accept Requests for Proposal from other companies interested in operating the casino site, as Caesars Entertainment’s agreement ends in August 2025. There is an option to extend the operating agreement by six to 12 months, but it is unclear whether Caesars Entertainment is amongst the bidders for the new agreement.

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