Gambling streamer placed on Quebec’s gambling self-exclusion list

Felix Lengyel aka xQc was escorted out of a Montreal casino

Leading gambling and gaming streamer Félix Lengyel, also known as xQc, was removed from a Montréal casino by security on Saturday in an alleged breach of responsible gambling regulations. Lengyel argued the move was directly linked to a Radio Canada article from 2022, which claimed that the streamer had admitted to a gambling addiction.

The 28-year-old, the fifth most-followed streamer on Twitch, was visiting a Québec casino with family for his birthday and enjoying some games when security removed him.

Speaking on his new streaming platform Kick, Lengyel said that he was banned by “online systems” in the province following the article’s publication, leading to “these [security] guys dragging me out [of the casino].”

The Radio Canada article from September 2022 said that Lengyel had confirmed that he was someone with a “gambling addiction.” In an April 2022 livestream, Lengyel said, “All I do is gamble; everywhere I go, I just gamble. It’s all I do; I think it’s fun. I’m addicted. I have one of the most addictive personalities.”

This led Québec’s gambling regulator to preemptively add him to the province’s self-exclusion list, banning him from all online operators, land-based casinos, and from purchasing lottery tickets.

The article also featured quotes from a fan of the streamer who had watched several of his livestreams. The fan, Enneric Chabot, spoke of the influence that xQc’s streams on gambling had on his addiction, leading to him losing nearly C$68,500 in a month. Controversy over the platform’s gambling content led Twitch, owned by Amazon, to ban gambling content in October 2022.

Fellow streamer and friend of Lengyel Adin Ross confirmed in a livestream this week that xQc intends to move to Miami soon, outside the purview of his provincial gambling ban. This will allow the Laval native to travel to land-based casinos in the Sunshine State and states with legal online casino gaming.

The Twitch streamer, whose content primarily focuses on gaming, including Overwatch, and his gambling exploits, signed a deal with Kick, owned by Stake’s founder, Ed Craven, worth over $100 million in June. Despite signing the deal with Kick, Lengyel continues to stream on both Twitch and Kick.

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