Woodbine racetracks increasing claims prices from December

The move aims to make races at those properties more competitive

Ontario-based Woodbine Entertainment Group (WEG), the operator of Woodbine Mohawk Park, Flamboro Downs, and The Raceway at Western Fair District, has announced it will increase prices on claiming horse races from Dec. 1, 2023.

Claiming races are a fundamental component of the horse racing industry. In these events, the horses running are available for purchase (claimed) for a set price. These races function as a mechanism for maintaining competitive balance by matching horses of similar market value against each other. They also serve as a marketplace for owners to buy and sell racing horses.

The claiming price is the cost at which a horse can be purchased out of a race. A higher claiming price typically indicates a higher-caliber horse and, consequently, a larger purse for the race.

The amendments at the aforementioned racetracks will see all Conditioned Claimers within the $15,000 to $18,000 bracket become $20,000 Claimers. Moreover, the minimum claiming price will experience an uptick from $7,000 to $8,000.

At Woodbine Mohawk Park, a series of increased prices will be introduced across various categories. For instance, the Non-Winners $2,000 Last 3 – Optional $15,000 Claiming category will transition to Optional $20,000 Claiming.

The Non-Winners $20,000 Last 5 – Optional $80,000 Claiming will increase to Optional $90,000 Claiming. Additional modifications will include increases in the standard claiming bracket, which will rise from $12,000-$16,000 to $14,000-$18,000, and upward adjustments in the Mares categories as well.

These changes are part of a concerted effort to elevate the Canadian horse racing scene. By raising the claiming prices, Woodbine Entertainment is aiming to attract a higher quality of horses and, in turn, generate more competitive and financially rewarding races.

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