NorthStar leans on AI for new sports betting tool in Ontario

The new feature follows an agreement struck with Epoxy

NorthStar Gaming has this week unveiled a new feature that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to personalize sports bets for players in Ontario.

Developed by AI and machine language personalization software provider, the new tool “learns” player betting patterns and preferences to create increasingly individualized “best fit” betting options.

The AI tool sifts through vast amounts of data to give insights that help bettors discover high-quality bets that align with their preferences. The more a customer uses the NorthStar Bets platform, the more effectively the AI can offer relevant betting options that save time and simplify the betting process.

The feature is a first for the Ontario market and is expected to help NorthStar attract new users, drive engagement, and “significantly enhance” the overall betting experience for players.

“NorthStar is committed to innovate in ways that deliver unique added value to our discerning customers,” said Michael Moskowitz, Chair and CEO of NorthStar Gaming.

“Today’s consumer is accustomed to online products and services that are personalized to their preferences, whether it be for shopping, music or TV streaming.

“Personalization creates betting experiences tailored to the user, presenting them with what they want, how and where they want it.”

The beta version of the product has been integrated into the NorthStar Bets platform and is now available for single bets, parlays, and same-game parlays.

Elsewhere, NorthStar recently entered into a $10m subscription agreement with Playtech.

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