Rivalry ready to ‘Cash & Dash’ with ‘first-of-its-kind’ casino game

The new title is targeted at the firm's core Millennial and Gen Z audience

Rivalry has announced the release of a new original casino game, Cash & Dash, available on desktop and mobile platforms in ‘select markets’.

The Toronto-based firm has enjoyed an active year on the casino side, launching its interactive platform Casino.exe and adding a number of casino titles to boost its portfolio.

Famous for its esports offering, Rivalry is now continuing to increase its casino content, and its latest release is a 3D game where players must infiltrate a high-security bank and avoid a series of booby-traps in order to steal the treasure and escape.

Cash & Dash sees players bet the desired amount at the beginning of each round with multipliers that increase their winnings as they successfully navigate further into the secured building. The game also features an array of Rivalry’s original IP as playable characters.

“Cash & Dash is a first-of-its-kind title that merges online casino betting with modern video game studio development and gameplay,” explained Andre Nogueira, Senior Product Manager, Games, Rivalry.

“We’ve incorporated tried-and-true mechanics from the games industry to add a layer of entertainment value to the casino experience that resonates with our Millennial and Gen Z audience.”

Available exclusively on Rivalry, Cash & Dash has been developed in-house by the company’s games team, which features game developers, designers and motion artists.

Rivalry will also host limited-time events in collaboration with its creator partners to drive awareness and player engagement of the game.

Steven Salz, Co-Founder and CEO, Rivalry, added: “Online betting is still far behind other forms of entertainment from a product standpoint.

“We see a growing opportunity to create betting products that are strikingly fun, interactive, and engaging, and our original games are a big step in that direction.

“Cash & Dash, Rushlane, and other original games we currently have in development, continue to build on a unique betting experience exclusive to Rivalry that differentiates our product at a time where most sportsbooks look and feel the same.”

Rivalry added that, while the game is currently in restricted locations, the game will soon roll out to all of its markets globally.

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