Braight AI unveils ambitions in Canada following Kings Entertainment takeover

BC-based Kings acquired the firm last month to speed up its user verification process

Braight AI has shared its global expansion strategy for the next 12 months, highlighting Canada as a key location for growth.

A provider of Artificial Intelligence Big Data analytics solutions, specializing in leveraging the power of AI to extract actionable insights from vast amounts of data, Braight AI was acquired by British Columbia-based betting supplier Kings Entertainment last month.

Kings stated the intention of the acquisition was to leverage Braight AI’s technology to accelerate its user verification process while also exploring other ways AI can benefit its lotto and gaming platforms.

Braight AI CEO Maciej Jarzab has now provided an update from his side as the firm looks to “revolutionize the financial landscape”.

Previous significant milestones include expansion into Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) last year, and successfully operating out of Canada and Europe this year while hiring additional personnel for key roles in the drive for expansion.

In an update to shareholders today, Jarzab said: “We are now building on that foundation by embarking on an ambitious global expansion strategy for the next 12 months. Our central objective is to drive revenue growth by leveraging our substantial expansion opportunities.”

Braight AI’s blueprint includes geographical expansion encompassing Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Spain, and the CEE region in 2023, with expansion plans for the US, Brazil and Africa in 2024.

The company is also targeting an increase in its annual revenue to €100m ($147.3m) by 2027.

Jarzab concluded: “Since our scope extends beyond individual risk assessment to also encompass the entire B2B sector, this breadth of impact positions us to continue our role as transformative trailblazers across multiple industries, globally.

“We have had a successful 2023 so far and I am optimistic about exceeding our growth plans for 2024 and beyond.

“I would like to extend my appreciation to Braight AI’s employees and the Board of Directors for their dedication to accelerating the company’s strong growth.”

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