GeoComply launches ‘groundbreaking’ browser solution for Ontario

The No-Download Browser Solution has been designed to improve conversion rates

GeoComply has unveiled its latest technological solution for the Ontario market with the launch of No-Download Browser Solution (NDBS).

The new geolocation compliance browser solution, described as ‘groundbreaking’ by the Vancouver-based firm, has been designed to ‘improve conversion rates while delivering frictionless, compliance-grade geolocation and anti-fraud functionality’.

Vadim Jelezniakov, Chief Technology Officer at GeoComply, explained: “Our mission is to ‘instill confidence in every online interaction’. For gaming operators, that means meeting compliance requirements with minimal integration efforts – all while improving conversion rates and reducing fraud risks.

“Balancing compliance and player friction is a paramount concern in the highly regulated online gaming market. We don’t take risks when it comes to geolocation compliance. With NDBS, we perform over 800 checks on every transaction. And because no download is required, there is no extra friction to the player experience.

“We’re very pleased to innovate on our customers’ behalf and diversify our portfolio further with this latest solution.”

NDBS is powered by ‘decades’ of data science and machine learning expertise and is designed to integrate seamlessly with all major browsers while making location verification easier.

The new solution also features advanced fraud detection, providing operators with ‘actionable and authoritative’ anti-fraud measures, geolocation accuracy and compliance.

Other benefits include intelligent geolocation verification and real-time monitoring as GeoComply further serves the Ontario market – where it flagged 3.3 million global ‘spoofing’ attempts in its first year of regulation – with its latest technology.

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