Aruze Gaming: ahead of the curve with the Muso Curve-55

The Canadian Gaming Summit event sponsor launched the cabinet in Canada earlier this year

Aruze Gaming has been busy promoting its Muso Curve-55 cabinet in advance of next week’s Canadian Gaming Summit, where the gaming equipment supplier will take a prominent role as an event sponsor.

Launched earlier this year, the Muso Curve-55 Cabinet follows Aruze’s global approach to product development, described by the firm as being “centered around the promises of innovation, quality, and fun”. This is reflected, it added, in both its exclusive titles and the cabinets that “create a one-of-a-kind experience for players on the casino floor”.

The cabinet was recently installed for the first time in Canada in early 2023. The company explained: “It delivers beautiful and alluring aesthetics, with its midnight black color and dynamic 55-inch screen. Its honeycomb pattern design and eye-catching graphics attract attention from all over the gaming floor.

“The experience transports players to new and exotic places, while crisp visuals, great bonuses and wagering excitement increase engagement for maximum fun.”

According to Aruze, the Muso Curve-55 is “one of only a handful of cabinets of its size and caliber available for sale in the market”. Properties can now own this EGM, it advised, with the most up-to-date technology while having access to the latest, most compelling slot themes.

Designed with the full gaming experience in mind, Aruze believes that the model offers a sleek cabinet that perfectly complements its companion games.

Citing new market research, Aruze said: “According to a recent report from Eilers-Fanni Research, the Muso Curve-55 is one of the top performing cabinets in the North American market. Research shows that the cabinet entered the market as the top performing portrait cabinet and has remained on the list of top performers.

“This cabinet is not only one of the most premier cabinets available in North America, but in the entire casino gaming market.”

The Muso Curve-55 features bespoke titles such as X-Wheel Supreme God, X-Wheel Supreme Dragon, Gong Cash Dragon and Gong Cash Lion.” Aruze added that these newly installed games are performing over 3x house average. It can also feature one of Aruze’s favorite Activ-Play titles, Rock, Paper, Scissors Instant Win.

The Activ-Play suite is a series of games that blend casino technology with the nostalgic, fun and interactive nature of an arcade and, said Aruze, gives players the feeling of “being engaged with their winnings”.

It added: “With these cabinets and titles, Aruze is embracing a diverse casino floor, providing a personalized and unique experience for each player, reflected by the wide range of titles and cabinets that Aruze has to offer.

“Some titles are allowing for players to feel more engaged in the game play, some are creating more friendly and less intimidating ways to play classic table games, and some are classic slot titles brought to life by top-tier cabinets, but beneath each unique casino staple is a drive for innovation, something that Aruze has prioritized since its inception. Aruze will continue to embrace a diverse casino floor and an inclusive experience in the North American market, and all over the world.”

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