AGCO issues $70k fine between three Ontario igaming operators for breaching standards

LeoVegas, Bunchberry & Mobile Incorporated have received different penalties

Three igaming operators have been issued with fines by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) over non-compliance within its regulations.

LeoVegas Gaming, Bunchberry, and Mobile Incorporated have all been sanctioned for falling foul of AGCO Standards 4.08 and 4.09 for providing games on their Ontario sites that had not been approved by the AGCO Registrar, nor certified by an Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL) registered by the Registrar.

Mobile Incorporated has also contravened Standard 1.22 according to the AGCO, which alleges the operator’s uncertified games were provided from a supplier not registered with the Ontario Crown agency.

Tom Mungham, AGCO CEO and Registrar, explained: “The AGCO holds all registered operators to high standards of responsible gambling, player protection and game integrity, and monitors their activities in the interest of Ontarians.

“A critical feature of our regulatory framework requires operators to only offer games that are from registered gaming suppliers and have been certified by an AGCO-registered independent testing laboratory to meet the highest standards of game integrity.

“Ontarians who choose to play on registered sites need the assurance that the games being provided meet these requirements.”

Mobile Incorporated has been served with a $30,000 fine for its alleged infractions, LeoVegas Gaming $25,000, and Bunchberry $15,000.

A registered operator served by the AGCO with Notice of Monetary Penalty has the right to appeal the Registrar’s action to the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT), which is an adjudicative tribunal independent of the AGCO and part of Tribunals Ontario.

This isn’t the first time the AGCO has intervened to take action on an operator since the regulated igaming market opened Apr. 4 last year.

Last May, the agency issued penalties to the Canadian operations of BetMGM and PointsBet for alleged advertising and inducement infractions.

BetMGM Canada was issued a fine totalling $48,000 for its alleged failure to comply with Standards 2.04 and 2.05, while PointsBet Canada was fined $30,000 for an alleged failure to comply with Standard 2.05.

DraftKings and UniBet are amongst others to have incurred the wrath of the AGCO since last year.

However, these alleged breaches all occurred before the Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming were updated in October, with Standards 1.22 and 4.09 two that came into effect on Nov. 1.

Standard 4.08, meanwhile, came into effect on Apr. 4.

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