Anthem & Parleh launch new soccer series to serve Canadian bettors

Parleh Media Group has joined forces with Canadian network Game+, subsidiary of Anthem Sports & Entertainment, on the new soccer-centric series Room 4-4-2.

Running every Monday through Friday, Room 4-4-2 will shine a spotlight on the biggest news from the global soccer scene while adding extra insight and analysis to aid Canadian bettors.

James Sharman, a leading soccer voice in Canadian sports media and Head of Soccer Content at Parleh, commented: “Interest in soccer by Canadians is at its highest level of engagement ever.

“There’s a huge appetite for soccer coverage in this country right now, whether we’re talking about the Saturday schedule of Premier League matches, the march to the Champions League title, or Canada returning to the FIFA World Cup for the first time in more than three decades when they compete in Qatar next month.

“The timing is perfect for Room 4-4-2 to deliver footy news, commentary and debate for fans and bettors to Anthem’s viewers.”

Sharman has been named host of the series and he will be joined by experts Albert Vartanian and Sara Poraria.

Toronto FC and MLS insider Michael Singh also forms part of the line-up.

“In recent years, Canadian soccer fans have been underserved by the news programming from the mainstream sports networks,” added Mark Silver, Founder and CEO of Parleh Media Group.

“Anthem has a proven track record of being open to investing in creating audiences for sports content with high growth potential. That makes them the perfect linear partner for Parleh’s first foray into television programming.”

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