Intema Solutions officially becomes React Gaming Group

Updated April 19

Intema Solutions has officially been renamed React Gaming Group, a press release has announced.

The rebrand follows the company’s February acquisition of Livestream Gaming, owner of the LOOT.BET server-based real-money gaming platform and esports betting brand. The group says its new name will better reflect its activities across the esports and iGaming sectors.

As well as LOOT.BET, a global leader in esports betting, React Gaming also encompasses four other subsidiary brands:, Team Bloodhounds, Generationz Gaming Entertainment, and Parabellum. was formerly known as and is a leading esports social gaming platform that specializes in peer-to-peer gaming, allowing users to engage in competitive events, tournaments, and 1v1 wagering. It is also one of the premier esports tournament tools used to facilitate and manage competitions, track statistics, and award prizes.

Meanwhile, Team Bloodhounds is a top-tier Canadian Fortnite team; Generationz Gaming provides a customizable online/mobile iGaming and esports betting platform; and Parabellum is a Canadian esports business from Toronto.

“With the completion of our LOOT.BET game-changing acquisition, it was time for us to rebrand our name to better reflect our activities in the esports and iGaming sector,” said Laurent Benezra, President and CEO of React Gaming. “The addition of LOOT.BET has increased our revenues considerably, and we are convinced that we can expand our leading online gaming and betting platform activities into promising new markets.

“Over the next few weeks, we will be launching several marketing initiatives to increase LOOT.BET’s user base, currently estimated to be over 500,000 users. We will also be launching programs to monetize the other subsidiaries that make up our esports ecosystem, including, Team Bloodhounds and Generationz, as well as our professional esports team Parabellum Esports.”

React Gaming is now officially live with a new image, logo, and website.

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