iGaming Academy unveils new ElevateRG program

The iGaming Academy has partnered with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas International Gaming Institute (IGI) to launch a new responsible gaming training program called ElevateRG which will be available worldwide.

Leveraging IGI’s responsible gaming training, the course is bringing UNLV’s responsible gaming course online for the first time and offers students around the world the opportunity to increase their awareness and real-life experiences of gambling-related harm. It aims to “prepare and equip” learners with both the theoretical knowledge and the practical experience required to engage with real-world responsible gambling issues.

The training will be operational-focused, demonstrating the practical actions that gaming staff can take to proactively promote responsible gaming and minimize gambling-related harm.

The iGaming Academy and UNLV intend to launch a full suite of training courses designed for vocational and industry professionals for a range of needs in the industry including sportsbooks, land-based casinos, and online gaming.

“For land-based casinos, IGI has long represented the ‘gold standard’ in RG training – and now it’s easier than ever to supply for staff,” added Jaime Debono, iGaming Academy’s Managing Director. “As the online industry continues to expand, operators will benefit from having access to best-in-class training in an online format that’s easy to include within their onboarding and refresher programmes.”

iGaming Academy customers will be able to access ElevateRG both individually and within a client learning portal. The courses can be integrated with third-party learning platforms or as an extension to existing training programs.

“With the specificity, convenience, and scalability of this training well ahead of anything available in the market, this truly is a ‘game-changer’ for responsible gaming training,” Debono concluded.

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