Nearly half of Ontario bettors plan to wager on Super Bowl

A new survey from the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) suggests that more than 40 per cent of Ontario sports bettors intend to place a wager on this year’s Super Bowl on February 13.

The RGC found that 42 per cent of sports bettors in Canada’s most populous province intend to make a Super Bowl bet. Among those, 47 per cent said they will bet with their friends, 44 per cent said they will buy “sport-based lottery tickets,” and 40 per cent plan to bet in a pool.

The survey also found that 36 per cent of bettors will wager using Ontario Lottery and Gaming’s PROLINE offerings, while 39 per cent will use other online sportsbooks.

Ninety percent of Ontario bettors intend to use at least one strategy to manage their betting risk, the RGC survey adds. Meanwhile, over half (52 per cent) of bettors said they will stick to pre-set betting limits.

The RGC‘s report highlighted several responsible gambling concerns, such as the fact that 38 per cent of Ontario adults “believe their sports knowledge gives them an edge in predicting outcomes” and nearly three in four (72 per cent) of those aged 18 to 34 — commonly cited as the demographic that is most susceptible to problem gambling — said their sports bets had been affected by peer pressure.

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