OLG Brings its Retail “Pick” Games Online

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) has announced that it has launched its popular selection of retail “Pick” games on its website.

OLG has made Pick-2, Pick-3, and Pick-4 available to all Ontario-based players on olg.ca and its mobile app, adding to the growing number of games available on its digital channels.

Similar to the retail versions of the games, players still have a chance to win twice-daily jackpots ranging from $99 to $5000. Winnings from the online versions of the games will go directly into the players’ OLG.ca wallet.

Pick-2 is the most simple version of the game on offer, giving players a daily chance of winning a jackpot of $99 from picking any two-digit number. Pick-3 runs on a similar format, but players must pick a triple-digit number, with the opportunity to win 50 per cent of the total sales for the draw during the day. Pick-4 asks players to pick a quadruple-digit number, offering players the chance to win a $5000 jackpot.

“We are obsessed about our players, and that’s why we want to provide variety to their online gaming experiences by adding our Pick games to OLG.ca,” says Dave Pridmore, OLG’s Chief Digital and Strategy Officer. “If our customers enjoy their online gaming experience, that helps make our business stronger and our ability to give back to the people of Ontario even greater.”

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