Wondr Gaming Launches Comprehensive Gaming/NFT Loyalty & Rewards Platform

Wondr Gaming, a publicly traded entertainment company on the Canadian Securities Exchange, on October 12 launched what it calls the first comprehensive loyalty and rewards platform in the gaming/NFT space.

WondrRewards.com is the result of partnerships with several organizations in the gaming, sports, and music industry and will launch NFTs and bring rewards and savings to users, who can accumulate points by gaming and watching Wondr and partner content. Users will also earn fully redeemable rewards points on all purchases – from unique sneaker drops to gaming hardware and NFTs.

All purchases on Wondr’s loyalty and rewards and NFT platforms can be made via credit card, allowing users to purchase everything from their favourite shoes to NFTs with USD and CAD dollars – all the while accruing rewards points, which are fully redeemable on all Wondr platforms.

A press release states that allowing the purchase of NFTs via credit card fiat currency (USD & CAD dollars) is a gamechanger for the NFT space. It democratizes the ability for all gaming, sports, and music fans to support their favourite gamers, athletes, and musicians without having to own and transact in crypto currency.

“WondrRewards.com will be a key differentiator between our platform and other rewards and NFT offerings. We serve a discernible and educated user base of consumers, and as such, have to ensure that our brand and NFT partners have the best platform to connect with the coveted millennials, Gen Z audience, and beyond,” said Jon Dwyer, Chairman and CEO of Wondr Gaming. “By hosting our users in an authentic and rewarding environment, we believe our platform will create a long-lasting community. The ability for users to purchase everything via credit card on our platforms, without having to understand the dynamics of a meta-mask or crate a crypto wallet, will help fans of all ages feel comfortable transacting in a way they trust and understand.”

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