Betsafe Refurbished a 70-Year-Old Slot Machine

Venturing into a different kind of slot-related venture, Betsafe Canada, one of the largest Canadian online slots providers, has taken on an interesting new project.

This time, instead of launching another modern 21st-century online slot game, they’ve gone back in time and got hold of an antique slot machine that was designed and produced in the Golden Era of the 1950s!

What makes this slot game so unique is that not only does it require zero electricity, but it looks and functions nothing like the slot machine you see and play today. In today’s day and age, all you have to do is get your finger on the button labelled “press”. However, back then, if you wanted to play a slot such as the Beromat ‘B’, you had to pull down a handle physically.

A buzzworthy surprise

As soon as Betsafe Canada heard where their new-old Wulff Apparatebau GmbH original slot machine was coming from, they expected nothing less than an adventure. Despite being produced in Germany, after spending years travelling through various cafes, restaurants, casinos, and even homes, the Beromat’s last destination before arriving in the Great North was Croatia.

Tracking it down wasn’t an easy process, but it all seemed worthwhile when they realized they had come across a scarce gem. The Beromat ‘B’ machine was the only slot game at the time that was part of a series, and considering this was the successor to the Beromat, Wulff only made a limited amount.

Bearing in mind its uniqueness and rarity, Betsafe will be extra careful when it comes to the restoration process they have started. Especially considering that one of the first things they came across when dissembling the machine was a beehive (luckily, with no tenants inside).

The magic touch of revival

For a 70-year-old slot machine, you could say that the Beromat is holding up pretty well. Be that as it may, very rarely is something always as good as it looks.

After further analysis of the device, Betsafe noted: “Our main task for this restoration is to refurbish or replace the metal details, some of them are missing, bring life to the aquamarine colour, repaint it, re-dress the reels with new stickers, and very likely also build it a new home using a special type of wood as a big part of it is scuffed away.”

Apart from the exterior, they also aim to get the reels spinning as they did in the 1950s, which will include the replacement of several nuts, bolts, oil, and, of course, elbow grease.

You can follow the entire revival at

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