Gaming Advisory Services Launches New Website for Compliance and AML

Gaming Advisory Services has launched a new website which aims to help gaming industry organizations and personnel navigate the industry’s compliance and AML needs.

Gaming Advisory Services offers help to land-based gaming, cGaming, iGaming, provincial gaming agencies, and gaming regulators around compliance and anti-money laundering issues.

The company, led by gaming veteran Stuart Walker, has spent 90+ years working on gaming regulations, providing advice, policy & procedure development, program development, risk assessments, training, audits, and more.

Its mission statement is to provide peace of mind in knowing that a gaming business meets all gaming laws and regulations. It has executed countless mitigation plans to address findings and implemented them at multiple sites, as well as writing policies and procedures and helping clients implement them.

AML services

  • AML advice
  • AML program development
  • Independent biennial review
  • AML program solutions
  • AML program review
  • AML policies and procedures
  • AML training
  • AML risk assessment

Compliance services

  • Compliance advice
  • Compliance program development
  • Compliance program solutions
  • Compliance program review
  • Compliance policies & procedures
  • Compliance audits
  • Compliance training

The website notes: “We have spent many sleepless nights thinking about what went wrong and what needed to be done to ensure our clients were in compliance… We understand gaming compliance and AML because we have been in the trenches at gaming sites. We have seen and experienced why compliance and AML are critical to a gaming organization’s success in a highly regulated business… We love the gaming industry and nothing better than helping you with your gaming compliance and AML needs.”

You can contact Gaming Advisory Services here or reach the company’s founder and senior gaming advisor Stuart Walker at [email protected].

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