The no-touch magic touch

Scientific Games has introduced a suite of products to help gaming facility operators transition to the post-COVID-19 world. Canadian Gaming Business spoke with Ted Keenan, the company's VP of product management, for the lowdown on their latest offerings

Can you explain the thought process that went into developing your new contactless gaming solutions? 

Many of our innovative solutions, including our Unified Wallet cashless solution, were in development long before we could foresee what impact COVID-19 would have on our industry. However, many of our contactless solutions, like Dynamic Social Distancing and Automated Game Sanitization module, were developed specifically to assist operators address the “new normal.” We’re always working to anticipate the needs of our partners, and now we’re helping them reimagine play for their guests that is both fun and safe. 

Scientific Games’ suite of contactless solutions will benefit casino operators around the globe, helping our partners maintain a safe, yet fun casino experience for their players.

Can you speak to the low maintenance costs? Do you feel this will be an attractive feature for casinos?

Unified Wallet provides a cashless gaming experience, giving players the power to instantly access funds to play their favourite slots and tables through an app on their personal mobile device. This is not only convenient for guests but cost effective and efficient for casino operators – eliminating lines at ATMs, kiosks, and casino cages and reducing machine maintenance costs including bill validators, ticket printers, and ticket redemption kiosks.

Can you explain how the Automated Game Sanitization Solution works? 

Automated Game Sanitization was developed with both team members and guests in mind. This solution eliminates the manual task of searching for games that need to be sanitized on the casino floor by quickly identifying machines that require sanitization after active play. Operators also have the option to schedule sanitization at regular intervals. 

Break down the three features included in the Social Distancing Module for our readers: Dynamic Distancing, EGM Scheduler, and Resort and Game Reserve?

Dynamic Distancing ensures social distancing amongst slot players, disabling all games within close proximity once a player cards in. 

Through the EGM Scheduler, operators are able to quickly upload a list of games that should remain enabled on the casino floor and can even do so remotely through the use of the Control EGM feature. 

Players can access Resort Reserve and Game Reserve to reserve their favourite game during their visit, providing an easy way for guests to reserve their preferred experience while staying safe. 

Have any casinos have taken on these solutions or expressed interest? 

We currently have cashless customers in the southeast and northeast parts of the U.S. and also South Africa. Turning Stone Resorts has recently signed up to use the Sanitization Module for all three of their resorts.

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