Delta Bingo & Gaming transforms

Delta Bingo & Gaming welcomes you to its modern gaming locations. Many of its 16 gaming locations across Ontario have undergone exterior renovations to match the exciting interiors.

Over the past several years, Delta has invested millions of dollars in modernizing each of its locations, and more recently, transformed the exteriors by using its brand’s colour palette to create a modern and inviting space, inside and out.

Delta worked closely with Regional Signs Inc. and local painters to install a combination of channel lettering and box signage, as well as updated window graphics, at all Delta Bingo & Gaming locations to showcase the gaming centres’ exciting atmosphere.

“We are committed to the communities that we are a part of, and each of our customers in those communities is important to us,” said Cam Johnstone, CEO, Delta Bingo & Gaming. “We strive to make each of our customers feel welcome, safe and excited to visit. With our updated exteriors, you can feel the energy as soon as you arrive.”

All Delta locations were reenergized as the new vibrant paint colours were added. Two locations in particular saw the biggest transformation: Peterborough and Penetanguishene.

Delta Peterborough has the most welcoming interior, with a gorgeous fireplace seating area and fully loaded gaming lounge, complete with TapTix machines, dart boards and pool tables. This did not translate to their exterior design; faded beige siding ran along the top of each dull brown brick wall. In spring 2017, Delta Peterborough underwent a complete design overhaul with new paint, new signage and new window decals. Today, you can’t miss it from the street; it looks like an exciting gaming destination!

Another location that underwent a similar transformation was Delta Penetanguishene. This centre is conveniently located on the town’s main strip, however it was often lost amongst the other businesses in the strip plaza. At first glance, you may have thought it was a corner store. Like Peterborough, after entering the front door, you would notice it is a rather large facility, with a separate TapTix lounge and a large bingo area with stadium seating. In summer 2017, the entire plaza was painted and new signage and window decals were installed. Today, as you first enter the township of Penetanguishene, you can not miss Delta Bingo & Gaming.

A challenge faced by many shopping centres, restaurants and gaming centres is the design of a smoke-free entrance. The new Delta Niagara Falls entrance was carefully designed with a smoke-free entrance in mind, with a designated covered shelter dedicated to customers who smoke. At each of the Delta Bingo & Gaming locations, a designated smoking section is now a part of design to create external smoke-free zones.

Customer experience starts before a customer enters the door and ends with the decision of whether to return in the future. Over the past few years, Delta has committed to building a brand voice and delivering a consistent Delta experience. In addition to the modernized gaming centres, updated uniforms, and revitalized digital assets, including website and social platforms, Delta has also re-designed its customer loyalty program, introducing a global system called InnerCircle.

“I wanted to introduce a loyalty program that made customers feel welcomed and appreciated. Something that would work at all locations and allow us to reach our VIPs at any time,” said Isabel McMurrich, Marketing Manager, Delta Bingo & Gaming.

In this digital world, you need to find ways to connect and communicate with your customers where they are. It is important that they feel welcome at each touch point. To help make Delta Bingo & Gaming a complete night out experience, the food and beverage offerings are equally important. Delta Bingo & Gaming introduced Red7 Eatery, which features a pub-style menu. Over the past few years, with the instrumental expertise of Zoltan Bankuti, Food and Beverage Manager, the menu has been fine-tuned with additions like local brewery offerings. Since the debut of Red7, Delta has seen a tremendous uptake on its Eatery and menu selection.

As Delta continues to transform, it keeps the potential new customer in mind. The Delta group has been involved in the operation of bingo for over 50 years and looks forward to the future with the OLG and their charity partners as customers’ needs and technology continue to evolve.

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